How to Write Sponsorship Proposals that CLICK!

When writing your sponsorship proposal, imagine having the good fortune of a face to face meeting with the CEO of Campbell Soup, Denise Morrison. How can you connect with this very busy executive in such a way that it clicks …

Writing report
that she’s so impressed with the opportunity your event offers Campbell Soup that she offers to put you in contact with her marketing people that day.

Your sponsorship proposal is all about winning over the decision maker the first time and each time thereafter. From gatekeeper on up to CEO, your written presentation is your sales pitch that may be reviewed time and time again as it makes it up the food chain. Each time it’s looked at, you have to make it grab the decision maker’s attention in such a way that it just clicks.

Here’s how to do it …

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Two Sponsorship Seeking Strategies To Try

ignore "no"



by Anisha Robinson Keeys

Sponsorship seeking is hard work–especially when you get rejected more than accepted.

To be successful, you MUST  think expansively and be persistent. Consider these two strategies to increase your chances of success:

  • Know what’s trending: According to, cannabis, chia, cider and coffee are among the industries that will dominate sponsorship contributions
  • Leverage the power of retail: Always think of sponsorship as a sales transaction! If you can articulate how your proposed sponsorship offerings drive traffic and sales, you’ve created a win-win proposition.

What are some of your strategies? Drop me a line at or leave a comment.

Could Your School, Organization Or Club Use A Rapid Cash Injection?

This is the book the candle and candy fundraising companies DON'T want you to read


by: Sean D. Thornton

Provided you are a taxexempt under 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS, there are numerous retailers right in your neighborhood seeking to fund organizations like yours. For profit organizations can partner with non profits to enhance their efforts. “


As a parent of school age children, I participate in countless fundraisers for clubs, sports teams, etc.  Even when we hit high level sales–the time and effort don’t seem worth the return. 

Their are alternative programs to fundraise if you know where to find them.

Our E-Book : 72 Retailers Who Will Help Your Non Profit Raise Money gives you contact information and instructions on how to get your fundraising started ASAP with online businesses, merchandisers, restaurants and supermarkets that  want to help you raise money— with $0 upfront cost to you!

Your time is worth money! Instead of spending hours searching the internet to learn more about these programs, you can instantly download our E-Book for just $7.00 USD


In the meanwhile, here’s a list of five merchandisers to get your fundraising started:


  1. AMC Movie Theatre: offers discounted movie passes for resale.In-kind donations in the form of AutoZone Merchandise Cards in AutoZone communities.
  2. Barnes and Noble: Programs are set up at the store level, and inquiries should be directed to the store manager or community relations manage.  http:// sponsorship_local/ donations_local.html
  3. Best Buy: Supports programs that offer youth leadership and educational opportunities to develop the skills necessary for them to become successful adults ourprograms.htm
  4. Cheesecake Factory: supports through offering gift cards to charitable organizations.
  5. Five Below: Your organization invites guest your organization makes 10 % of sales made by your guests.





Dear Non Profit Organization: These Five Things Will Change Your 2016 Fundraising

It always seems impossible, until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela.

jumping hurdles

It always seems impossible, until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela.

Does your non-profit need to diversify your fundraising?  Corporate sponsorship remains a largely untapped financial resource for many organizations. Your non profit needs to diversify funding and corporations need to amplify their sales, marketing  and community presence.

  1. Your sponsorship prospects are closer than you think. Consider hosting a prospect discovery session to uncover the relationships that exist between your organization, stakeholders, and the corporations to which you are connected.  This can be an ad hoc group of “connectors” inviting your vendors, stakeholders, and VIP customers to a prospect research session. Once you have your prospects identified, create strategies to engage those prospects.
  1. You must get close and personal. Begin your prospecting sessions with the end in mind: getting the names of corporate contacts you can solicit, and the commitment from your connecter to make an introduction. Your goal is to get a face-to-face meeting (optimal) or a phone conversation with your prospective sponsor.
  1. Digital/ Social media are among your strongest commodities. Continue to build strong, responsive and loyal online social platforms as they are great opportunities to link your sponsor directly to their ideal customer. I’ve worked with many organizations who have built their sponsorship program strictly on the benefits they can offer through social media.
  1. Signage and logo recognition are passé. Think about it ….do corporations like Pepsi really need your help to promote their logo? Look to offer more creative benefits that align with your corporate prospect’s brand and ultimately help them drive business.
  2. Offer diverse opportunities for corporate sponsors to partner with your brand. New sponsors may be reluctant to take on your top tier opportunities until they have a sense of if the partnership will generate a return on their financial investment. I don’t encourage you discount your value, but do encourage you to consider developing a range of smaller sponsorship packages that serve as the prelude to larger opportunities.


10 Steps to Get Corporate Sponsors


Getting funding from corporations may be a great opportunity for your small business, but you can damage your brand if you do not go about it the right way. You want to develop a prospect list of warm leads, prepare a strong proposal, and approach a sponsor, ultimately persuading them to support your cause or program. Here are 10 steps to attract corporate sponsors for your business.

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Sponsoring Outside the Box

Concept of "Think Outside the box" - empty box drawn with chalk on a blackboard

In our regular feature, Sponsoring Outside the Box, we look at sponsorship deals that go beyond the traditional funding model. In this series of articles, we show our users that there are many ways to structure a sponsorship deal and often it can pay off well to think outside the box.

This week we consider Johnson Controls, Inc. The multi-national corporation announced earlier this year that it would continue to support the country’s veterans by renewing its sponsorship of Building Homes for Heroes.

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The One That Got Away

the goldfish and the hook

Talk about kicking yourself! In a recent Wall Street Journal article, an Adidas insider made this startling revelation:

“Adidas distributors wanted to sign Mr. Jordan, says someone who was an Adidas distributor then. But executives in Germany decided shoppers would favor taller players and wanted to sponsor centers, the person says, adding: ‘We kept saying, “no — no one can relate to those guys. Who can associate with a seven-foot-tall guy?”

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